Avadhoota with Agni Lingam – A blog post by Malleswari Kameswaran

Arunachalam is known to everyone as Agni lingam. The vibrations envelop every soul to connect to the supreme. True to the well known statement heard often that life has two phases. One is before entering Arunachalam and the other phase begins after that. All these are fine and found in many scriptures. Guruji’s visit to Arunachalam had a reason beyond all this.

We used to receive calls from a devout lady called Tasleema who read the autobiography of Guruji and instantly got connected to that energy from the land of Arunachala. Ofcourse, her calls were unlike many who never asked for any favour but to just come and bless her children of Autism who are around 10 to 15 in number and none are her biological children.

The days passed and she happened to visit Siddhaganj along with her husband Mr. Pekka, a Finland citizen and few of her friends from Tamilnadu & Kerala. They also happened to attend the International seminar on Vedic Traditional Farming and to their fortune got initiated by Guruji amidst the divine vibrations of that powerful day. After few days, we again received a call from her that her friend who came along with her Mr. Krishnakumar was inspired by the concept of Vedic Traditional Farming and purchased a land of 2 acres in the outskirts of Arunachalam to start the project.

Finally, a day has come when Guruji wanted to visit these beautiful souls which unfolded many facts about how they were transforming their lives to the calling of the supreme. The day when Guruji was supposed to travel was a real tough time to watch for us as mere spectators to the suffering of a human body where Guruji’s energy is currently housed in. Every single second of the night before travel was occupied with breathlessness out of cough leading to vomiting blood and fever wrapping every string of yarn & thread in contact with thyself. We had no words when Guruji walked into the hall roped in saffron and smeared with vibhooti all over with no sign of suffering. It was as if that Arunachala Shiva was walking and our senses were put to a divine rest to this walking vibration emitting energy waves all around.

As Guruji entered the land of Arunachalam, the jyoti which was lit for Kartika Poornima was as if welcoming thy; as thy feet touched the land of Agni Lingam, it was as if it is thyself entering this land to exist as thyself. Words fall short to describe this Anubhooti (experience) which everyone around was trying to absorb.

Tasleema and her team of teachers along with the children were filled with joy to this much awaited vibrations in their lives. The children who never wanted to express anything, suddenly started jumping in joy and few others who never even spared an eye contact with any human so far, started staring into the eyes of Guruji…. These are the children from highest spiritual plane named autism by the low spiritual plane of individuals. Guruji mentioned this to us many a times and seeing the response of these children stood as a standing proof to us.

The children were happy and extremely blissful to connect to the vibrations similar to their frequency; While Guruji was communicating with thy eyes and soft touch on their fingers and hands; the entire environment seemed to be so calm and relaxing which was otherwise. Tasleema and her team of teachers were silently watching while the parents of these children were in anxiety to get a solution from the spiritual master to their problem called these children. Guruji was silently watching and reading the minds of the parents to relieve them of that anxiety.

Soon, the Bhoomi pooja of the land proposed for “Temple of Love” – which is going to be the joy home for these children with all amenities and lot of play area, space to grow the garden and most importantly, to stay connected with nature was to be started. Guruji did the Bhoomi Pooja in a traditional way for the flourishing success of this project. It was then we realised the importance of Guruji being there with so much of force. This project started as a divine dream which Tasleema had one night in the sleep which was shared as passion by her husband, Mr. Pekka from Finland. They didnot give it a second thought and followed the calling as their cause of the birth for this Janma. From the day they got initiated by Guruji, their Saadhana was the purest connection they established with thy and this is what pulled Guruji to this land to perform this divine beginning. Obviously, what else can Gurus be pleased if not for purity of thoughts and strong saadhana !!!

That evening with parents was a reassuring and life changing one for them when Guruji announced to the parents that autism is not a disability but an ability of the child to be in the highest spiritual plane. Any attempt to bring them back to the lowest plane of ours is a stress for parents and hence, it is important for parents to stay calm and serve their children who have chosen their womb. Most importantly, the reasons should not be searched and affixed to the bad karma or good karma of having such children. It is just to be on duty and fulfill the role as mother or father and the actual responsibility of the child is being taken up by Paramatma. That was totally a different perspective for parents and that too listening to these words from the spiritual master made them feel light and high of being parents to these children.


While the evening wrapped up with queries and clarifications of the parents, we all rested our backs on the bed with everything happened from morning to evening as a divine dream. Trying to digest the fact of such beautiful souls listening loud to the calling of the supreme and the energy of Avadhoota walking with us daily; what a blessed beings we are !!! Ofcourse, lot to learn and imbibe in our lives.

The next day morning lead to another beautiful beginning of Vedic Traditional Farming at Arunachalam. Mr. Krishnakumar and family was waiting for the arrival of Guruji and when Guruji reached this place, immediately downloaded the Dravidian tradition of performing Bhoomi Pooja and started off…. Right from arranging bricks to digging the land was done by thyself to instill those powerful vibrations. Every ingredient in the pooja had a spiritual significance right from the milk, nava dhaanyaas, flowers, coconut, neem leaves….The family was astonished with the grace of Guruji showering so much of love on them. The pictures of these Bhoomi Pooja much louder than the words….

Final was the visit to Arunachala Shiva by all of us and more than any of us, Pekka had the lucky chance to be with Shiva dwelling himself in the vibrations of that walking Agni Lingam called Guruji. Pekka was not allowed inside the sanctum for being a foreigner and that has turned out to be lucky for him to experience Avadhoota in this divine land. His eyes rolling with tears, cheeks turning red with each drop of tear flowing out of bliss spoke his experience and none of us asked anything but just left silently looking at this blessed opportunity for our dear Guru Bhai…

Arunachala Shiva Arunachala Shiva…. Shivoham Shivoham.

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2 Responses to Avadhoota with Agni Lingam – A blog post by Malleswari Kameswaran

  1. Rasmika says:

    Jai Maa… This is an wonderful insight and clarification on various things…..Our humble pranamas to Mrs Tasleem and Mr Pakka….for standing as an outstanding example for everyone of us….Yes its our time to question ourself where we stand. . despite we are in the close vicinity of Guruji…..Without a second thought they started vedic farming and a school for Autism kids who are in higher spiritual plane than us…..Now that we came to know through Guruji that they are blessing to parents and should be treated very specially….Clarified many of our doubts…..Words cannot descirbe them ….Only to be experienced…..Jai Gurudev..🙏🙏


  2. vivek says:

    Namaste, is there a way to speak to His Holiness Avadootha Baba Nandanadaji in person. Please help


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