Navaratri Utsav 2019 with Guruji @ Siddhaganj … A Blog Post By Sri Balasubramanyam Gollapalli

Navaratri Utsav springs a revered and a very special festive time, filling the world with renewed energy and enthusiasm. Add to it the venue of Siddhaganj under the divine presence of Poojya Sri Avadhoota Nadananda Guruji, the occasion becomes extremely special. Be it parayana, sadhana, satsang, bhajan or anything else, the atmosphere beams with vibrant visuals and extreme positivity.


Navaratri 2019 has been no different, but with ever-increasing enthusiasm and spirit. The festivities kicked off with Guruji performing Durga/Devi Avahana at midnight of Day 1 so as to invite AMMA herself to witness the proceedings. Abhishekam, Archana and Parayana (Sapthasathi, Beejatmaka Sapthasathi, Siddhakunjika Sthothram) were performed as per schedule on each of the 9 days. The highlight was CHANDI HOMAM which was performed everyday by special purohits of Namboodri family tree of Kerala. It was done as per their unique Parasurama Tradition. The purohits did not chant the mantras openly as per their tradition. Everyone witnessed it attentively and curiously, as it was somewhat different from the regular method of chanting out the mantras loud. Homam was followed by Guruji’s discourse, where he explained the significance of the respective DURGA AVATAR and and also the reasoning behind designing RANGOLI & YANTRAMs before Homa Gundam. Discourse was usually blended with a fusion of bhajans by Guruji and many other devotees.


Festivities on the respective day would end with Prasada Vitharana.

SAILAPUTRI – DAY 1: Guruji said that we have to call Maata/Amma with pure earnest and loudly. While praying Goddess it is enough if one prays with bhavam/feel and there need not be any principles/rules like Ragam, Talam and Sruthi.

Regarding the fact that the purohits did not chant mantras out loud during Homam, Guruji said, ” Mananaan trayate iti mantrah” meaning “Mantra is that one which is not openly pronounced”. It’s 100% true. That’s why even during Upanayana samskaram, the Gayatri Mantra is murmered into the ear of the boy.

index2 855805501_187847.jpg

Guruji said that today being the first day of Navaratri, the incarnation / avatar of Mata is SAILAPUTRI. In a broader sense it means that she is the daughter of Himavantha, the mountain king and she is known as Parvati Devi. But, at a very minute or micro/sookshma level it is, especially for a sadhak in Sadhana Marg, that feeling of ecstasy that he experiences at the point of sahasraram. Saila means parvat/ hill/mountain and also srungam (sahasraram) and Putri means that ecstatic joy. In other words, the joyous experience of a sadhak in his sahasraram is Saila Putri.


BRAHMACHARINI – DAY 2: Today being second day of Navaraatri, the Amma/Maa’s form/avatar is BRAHMACHARINI. Brahmacharini doesn’t mean one who is in celibacy. “Brahmam Chaarati Eti Brahmachari” meaning Brahama Charini is the one who treks in that path which takes the seeker to the Brahmam/Paramaatma.


So also a disciple has to travel with his or her Guru step by step to reach ‘That  Ultimate Reality/Pure Consciousness/Brahmam’. The sadhak should put his/her effort in that direction with ‘trikarana suddhi’ i.e., Manasa, Vaacha and Karmana.


Guruji also explained how the Devata Avahana is being done in front of the Homa Gundam daily in a coconut in suddha tantric and Parasurama tradition of Kerala.


He explained about the muggu/rangoli put before the Homakund for placing the coconut. The rangoli looked like a Lotus Flower/Padmam. The four heart type signs represent the four Gods in Panchayatan. They are Ganapathi, Surya, Vishnu and Siva. The uniqueness of this Panchayatan is that the four Gods are with their symbolic wives in the flower, adjacent to them. They are represented in yellow colour. The Goddesses are Siddhi, for Ganapathi; Chaaya for Sun; Vaishnavi for Vishnu and Shakti for Siva. The main Goddess is in the middle in the form of coconut. The three white circles represent Iccha, Gnana and Kriya sakties. Thus the special lotus rangoli is complete like a Panchayatan.


CHANDRAGHANTA – DAY 3: Guruji said that today Durga is known as CHANDRAGHANTA because in this avatar Goddess keeps vibhooti/kumkum on her forehead like a Cresent moon and holds a Bell in her hand. The sound of the bell becomes one “anahath naad” merging the seven sounds/saptha swar and it rings eternally. This one sound wipes away our negativities accumulated over generations of previous births and puts us in right path/direction. This is the right time for a sadhak for uplifting himself/herself in Sadhana Marg. Maa gives us bhadratha/security in our lives.


Guruji explained that the sound of the bell in Her hand drives away all the demons and evil forces from outside and also our inside evil thoughts/negativities and rekindles the inherent divinity in us. Lion is attributed for Dharma/the righteous path and it’s roar is highly frightening. So, together with the sound of the Bell, which is actually humming sound of ‘Soham’, and the Lion’s roar, the demons, evil forces and negativities disappear instantly. Even in our Puja room we use “Ghanta Nadam” during Harathi to drive away the evil forces and invite Divine forces.


Guruji stressed that this third day of Navaraatri is important and good time for sadhaks. Guruji just touched about Homaagni, the fire and flames of Homam. He said that if one sees it with belief, devotion and  concentration the flames burn away our accumulated sins of previous 84 lakhs births in one go – take it from me.

Incidentally he said he came across a report stating that some foreign scientists have discovered that these nine Navaraatri days have very positive changes in Nature and observed something divine. Alas! This has been said by our Rishis and Munis thousands of years back and we didn’t believe because it was said by our own people. So also, NASA of America proved that this whole Universe/Space is reverberating with OM sound. This is also known to us through our Rishis thousands of years back. It’s really pitiable that we completely ignore and utterly disregard the words of our Rishis who said these things many years ago itself, which are getting proved scientifically one by one now. All our traditions and observations in our scriptures have scientific relevance and are NOT casual or fictitious stories, said Guruji.


KUSHMANDA – DAY 4: Today’s avatar/form of Durga is KUSHMANDA. Guruji said, K(a) means a little bit, Ushma means energy/power/warmth and Anda means the Cosmic Egg. Today is the day on which the Goddess created the whole Universe/Brahmanda using a little bit of Her Energy. (It is quoted elsewhere that She created the Universe by just flashing a bit of Her smile).Today is the first day of Jagajjanani’s Creation by breaking the Cosmic Egg. Just by her looks She broke the Cosmic Egg/Brahmanda and the whole Jagath/Universe came into existence ever since. Guruji said that the Maata as Kushmanda Devi is “Hiranyagarbha” because there was no creation or Brahmanda before She Created it. She is the Omnipotent. Thus, Devi Kushmanda is Jagath Prasutha.

Guruji further clarified the vague  doubt in some disciples about Kushmanda. In Sanskrit KUSHMANDA means white pumpkin. It is believed that there is some correlation between the Goddess and the white pumpkin to call Her as Kushmanda. Guruji said that when we break the white pumpkin, we can find 183 or 184 beej/seeds inside. And by multiplying 1000 names based to  Khadgamala Stotram, the number becomes 1,83,000. These 1.83 lakh seeds are Positive Vibrations released for sprouting on breaking the pumpkin. It is NOT necessary that all the 1.83 lakh seeds/beej visible to naked eye. They are invisible, except the 183.


SKANDAMATA – DAY 5: Today the avatar or form of Durga is SKANDAMATA. Skanda means a boy who can attack or simply Attacker. Skanda’s birth became a divine necessity to eliminate the powerful demon, Tarakasura. Skanda is also known as Kartikeya, Muruga, Subrahmanya, Kumara etc., He is revered more in the South, especially Tamil Nadu. The SKANDAMATA is seen holding their beautiful child Shanmukha (one who is having 6 faces) in her lap.


Guruji explained during his discourse the importance of the Yantram put with rangoli before the Homakund. It is the “Ardhanareeswara” Yantram depicting the Arthanaareeswara Tatvam/philosophy. Both Siva, in red colour, and Shakti in yellow colour with 8 flowers and 8 deepams/lamps around were put. Because of Siva and Parvati becoming ONE, the Creation of Universe happened. Hence, this particular Yantram today. The code to draw and how to draw the particular Yantram were guided by Guruji himself to the purohits.

Guruji explained that this Universe/Jagath is embodiment of Siva and Sakti / “Siva-Saktyatmakam Jagath”. Siva is Nischala Nirguna Brahma i.e., motionless/static Power without attributes. But, Parvati or Shakti is the doer and the Dynamic Power as per Sankalp/ wish, determination of Siva. Shakti is all pervading. Either Siva or Shakti can’t do creation alone. They have to Unite or become One. The Siva Sankalpa/Cause and the Shakti’s action/Effect are interdependent (like the cause and effect theory).


Coming to Shanmukha, Guruji added, the six heads of Subrahmanya are symbolically represent the Five Shakthis and Parvati. And These six faces eliminate the six negativities in us. They are Kama/desire, Krodha/Anger, Lobha/miserliness, Mada/arrogance, Moha/Strong passion, Matsrya/jealousy.  Guruji said that there are eight petals and eight lamps around the Yantram. Out of eight lamps six are for eliminating our six negativities and another one for our ego. When these eight negativities go away, the ninth Jyothi becomes active and we become positive. There are four deepams/lamps facing the Homakund. One is for the Guru, second for Ganesh, third for Bhagawathi and the fourth one for all Kula Devatas/family deities of all devotees of Siddhaganj. On this 5th day of Navaratri not only SKANDAMATA came, but also, Kartikeya came in Her lap.


KATYAYANI – DAY 6: Shakti takes the avatar/form of KATYAYANI. This is one the fiercest avatars of Parvati. Her name originated as Katyayani as She was born to sage Katya as per sage’s prayer. Another version is that since sage Katya prayed this form first, She is called Katyayani. It is also mentioned that She was born with the power rays of Brahma, Vishnu and Siva to enable her to kill Mahishasura. She killed the demon Mahishasura with her sword. Her favourite flowers are red colour ones.


Guruji mentioned that today’s Yantram before the Homa Gundam is “Siva-Saktyayukta” Shatkona Yantram. At the bindu sthan there is a Trishul representing “Tri-Shakti”. Red flowers are used to decorate the Yantram.


KALARATRI – DAY 7: Today’s Yantram before the Homa Gundam is ‘Trikona’ Yantram. Trikon Yantra is representative of three phases of Time viz., Past, Present and Future.There is Trishul in the middle also. The implication of Yantram as per Guruji is that on the three sides there are three Devatas and at the each sandhi/joining point of triangle, there is Trishul symbolising three gunas/qualities Viz. Satva, Rajo and Tamo guna. Satva means virtue with receptive mode. Rajo means action and with some ego and authority and Tamo (agnan) means full of ignorance and laziness or inertia mode. There is one more Trishul in the Bindu sthan of the Yantram which is Kalarupi/Kala niyantri/Kala Sanjeevi/Kalayatri and Kala Ratri who takes the sadhak from the three stages of avasthas i.e., Jagruth, Swapna and Sushupthi to the Uppermost Turiyavastha (the Fourth state of consciousness). And for this today’s Yantram was drawn and the special Puja was performed. (Homam is regular and different one from Puja).

index-3-e1571295468283.jpg index2

Today’s avatar of Durga is 7th one in the Navaratri chronology. She is Kalaratri and not KaaLaraatri, said Guruji. I understand that this deity, Kalaratri is different from KaaLi.  She has three nomenclature, “Kalaanaam Ratri, Triraatri and Ratri kaalam”. Ratri or Night is associated with darkness and darkness in other words is Agnan/ignorance. This Goddess would wipe out our ignorance and Tamo Gunn or Aasuri quality and puts us on the path of Eeswari vrutti i.e., virtuous path. This Goddess is also known as Samaya Devi i.e., The One who controls the Time factor in the Universe. Guru, Parama Guru and Parameshti Guru as per the will and orders of Samaya Devi and at appropriate time will drive away our ignorance and beastliness and takes us into the path of knowledge. Samaya Devi or Kalaratri’s vahan or mount is Donkey.


Guruji further added that the donkey is the dullest and lazy animal and it is a pointer that the Maa can turn even the dullest to the level of cleverest at proper Time.


MAHA GOWRI – DAY 8: While Homam was being performed, Guruji and a priest did a special Puja for Sami Vruksham (Shami or Khejri or Jand or Kandi or Ghaf tree) which is the most important tree among Devata Vruksh in Hinduism.

Guruji said that the greatness of this Sanatana Dharma is that it gives respect and place to every being like the animals, birds, trees, creeper, mountains etc., The Puja with vaidik hymns/mantras took place just adjacent to the Homa Gundam. This Sami tree, known as Agni Vruksham, is known to eradicate all our sins and negativities besides bringing success in our life. Just by touch or looking at Sami tree one’s sins vanish, told Guruji.


And then, today being Durgaashtami, “durgati nasini Durge” meaning Durga Devi annihilates all our bad conditions and sins, Guruji lighted a Kagada/torch put it outside and opposite to Siddhaganj. A coconut was broken before it as Bali/sacrifice to redeem the negativities of all devotees and disciples and to bestow good health and longevity of life for all. This was done as per Namboodri tradition of Kerala. What a concern and love of Guruji on all of us…. amazing.


Today’s another speciality is the “Kanya/Kumari Puja” (for young unmarried girls). Guruji said that as is known over the years, today also some age old convention has been broken at and by Siddhaganj. The three girls who received puja are Christian by birth. And by his upadesam their father recites “Panchakshari Mantram”. Guruji added that there is no bias or  differentiation at Siddhaganj on the basis of one’s religion, caste, region or language. All are equal here. I, for one, appreciate the parents of the girl who didn’t exhibit any bias for this Hindu ritual and for  allowing their daughters to receive the puja. Three suhasinies did puja to the three girls. After Puja, all the three women, Guruji himself and Rama Reddy Garu on behalf of Siddhaganj Pariwar did Namaskaram to the Kanyas. All the three girls were looking amused and in smiles for what they received in front of a big gathering. It’s an honour for the girls, doers of Puja and the witnessed people.

Today’s Yantram before the Homa Gundam is “Navayoni Chakra”. Bhagavathi was invoked on the Bindu sthan.


Today the priests offered Lotus flowers in the Homa/Havan. The offering of eight petals lotus in the Homa is symbolically the reaching point at Sahasraram by the sadhak in his Sadhana. Guruji said that it is nine types yoni and nine manifestations of Durga. These nine merge as One and do the Divine magic of Creation, Sustenance and Annihilation (srushti stiti laya). We know the 7 levels of consciousness. At the 7th level we are in trans. Still we (means sadhaks) retain the ‘Aham’ asmi Brahma. After that we go to the level of Samadhi which is the highest Pure Conscious level known as Pragna. The state or condition of Samadhi is not the experience of  sunya/nothingness. But, it is the experience of Purnatva/Completeness or fulfillment. After this experience the sadhak looses his identity/asthitva of “I am the being…I am the existence… I am the Siva etc.,” Hence, in such a pure conscious state who is there to say like that? In Samadhi, Karma/action doesn’t exist. Still Samadhi is not the final state of experience or avastha. In the 8th level one experiences the Oneness of Siva-Shakti.


Guruji explained that one will not get chance to have both materialistic life and salvation simultaneously. You have to choose one. No option to take both at s time. Of course, there are many incidents in history where great people even while being in Samsara/gruhastu life reaching salvation as they didn’t attach themselves passionately to materialistic life. They followed it as a duty and lived like monks in mind. As long as one is passionate about his possessions, relationships and materialistic desires, he won’t even try to think of “who he is and what is the purpose of life”. So, to reach the ultimate 9th level of consciousness one should realise that nothing he possesses today is his nor anybody’s earlier. Guruji told the frequently told story to make one understand the moral and fact of life. What you are enjoying today was somebody’s yesterday and another’s the day before yesterday. Tomorrow, after you, it will be some one else’s again. Then how come people say “this is mine and that is mine”. Nothing is anybody’s. The whole creation and it’s material in whatever form is only God’s. Guruji concluded the discourse by saying, “SARVAM DEVI MAYAM JAGATH” meaning that Shakti is present everywhere and in everything in this Universe.


SIDDHIDHATRI – DAY 9: Today’s manifestation of Durga is SIDDHIDHATRI. It’s the last of the nine manifestations of Durga in Navaratris. Siddhi means One who has super natural powers and Dhatri means ‘giver’. As such Goddess Siddhidhatri can give all types of siddhies to the true seeker, whether materialistic desires or the salvation.

Guruji said that for those who did Sadhana these nine days, the Maa can give 18 siddhies from ‘anima, garima to moksh/salvation instantly. There is a state above the ‘kaivalya’ i.e., Vo hojana/Becoming That. That sthiti/state is which exists Sarvatra/all pervading, Poorna rupse/in totality, Nitanth( the Absolute) Nissabhdhata se/in complete silence. Siddhi won’t give the feeling of Samadhi. By the power of siddhies one may acquire all types of riches and luxuries. But, all these will not be sufficient to buy the state of Samadhi.


Today being the Siddhidhatri’s manifestation day,  She gives whatever the deserving sadhak asks for instantaneously. Hence, pray to the Goddess not to LURE you with worldly toys and pray Her as, “Tum Mera hojao”/You become mine and remove the curtain between us”. What Guruji implied is that instead of we getting attached to material things by feeling “this is mine… that is mine…. this is also mine…. all is mine” one should be earnestly yearn for the God/Goddess and that is the realisation of “TATVAMASI (I am That) and AHAM BRAHMASMI(I am GOD). And She answers for such prayer and gives It. Then Guruji said that who did Parayan of 700 Beejaatmaka Sapthasati these nine days are also blessed by Amma as it is equivalent to CHANDI SAPTHASATI. He said today’s Yantram before the Homa Gundam is “Siddhidhatri Yantram”. The priests also performed “Ucchista Chandali  Puja”.


The prasadam offered on all these nine days to invoked Goddesses and the remains of prasad, ucchista, on all these nine days will be taken by this Goddess Chandalika. Guruji said on all these nine days everything was done as per Sri Vidya Parampara and very religiously with shraddha/concentration and bhakti.

VIJAYADASHAMI – DAY 10: Today is the concluding day of Navaratri UTSAV. This eleven days celebrations broke all the benchmarks set at Siddhaganj for any such utsav done earlier here. No exaggerations in whatever I write. Right from day one of Mahalaya Amavasya on 28th September to Vijaya Dasami on 8th October (today), each day excited the devotees and opened new box of fulfillment. Every day was an experience itself. All the days put together, the continuous Sadhana for 10 days by all who participated should have awakened their inner sight and would become a daily routine or part of their daily life, at least steadily. WE ALL HEAR BRAHMOTSAVAM for many Temple Gods. Many wouldn’t have got an opportunity to attend  or see it. Don’t worry. THIS 10 DAYS PROGRAM IS NO LESS THAN A BRAHMOTSAVAM AND IS BRAHMOTSAVAM. “GURUR BRAHMA” AND HIS UTSAV.

Today’s program started as usual with Abhishekam and Archana. Abhishek was done by Dr. W. Harpreet of Delhi. Then followed unique “Kula Devata Puja” by Guruji himself on behalf of all the devotees to forgive their wrongdoing, if any. Then an “Akshara Abhyaasam” function to a child by Guruji.


Immediately followed the much awaited music extravaganza for three hours,  from about 8 am to 11am. Chi. Amritraj, Sri  Gangadhar and others together with Guruji took all the audience to a different world with their celestial voices and rendering. One keertan after one keertan, the devotees were drenched in the music shower. Amrit and Gangadhar are classical singers by hobby and profession.

Guruji exhibited his flair and mastery of singing in fusion style as well as classical style once again. Amrit’s bhajans, especially “Ganapathi, Ganapathi, Radhe Govinda etc., were pure ‘Amrit’ to ears. In between this music concert, a Kuchipudi dance for tarangam was done by Sai Charan. His movements of limbs, eyes, mudras and postures as Chinni Krishna and Venu Gopal Krishna were simply awesome and an eye feast. He is a budding multi talented artist.


Guruji’s convention of giving an opportunity to such artists is highly laudable. It inspires them and others towards fine arts in these days. Then followed  Kuchipudi dance form depicting  “Mahishasura mardhini” by Chi. Geetanjali and others. Geetanjali, a teenage girl looked like real Durga in her getup and looks. The way she danced in Kuchipudi style and her actions in war scene with Mahishasura and the killing of Mahishasura by her as Apara Kali can only be said that the viewers were simply awestruck. After 10 days of Saptasathi Parayan, it is very appropriate to have arranged this bit of Mahishasura mardhini drama by Guruji. Any praise of actress Durga will be less to describe her magnificent performance. Guruji moved along with all the devotees. Her performance took us to the actual scene and the manifestation of Durga right here in her, to say simply. Kudos to her.

All the artists were honoured with garlands and flowers by Guruji himself besides gift amount as per convention here.


Then the final day’s Poornaahuti of Homam continued. The Yantram before the Homa Gundam today was ‘Dasami Padmam’. Sri PV Rama Reddy Garu received the Ashirwad from Purohits on behalf of all the devotees. The purohits were duly honoured with sambhavanas. The scene again shifted to Vaishnavi Mata Mandir in Ashram where Guruji did the “Maha mangala Harathi” in his unique Namboodri and tantric traditional dance to the Goddess.

When this Harathi was given by Guruji few devotee’s eyes became wet and few tears rolled down. After all who would do SO MUCH for the sake of disciples inspite of so many health problems other than a Sadguru Avadhoota Nadananda. Blessed are we all…

It’s curtains for an amazing, astounding, awesome, unbelievable (unless seen), unimaginable and unforgettable Sadhana filled 10 days of Navaratri UTSAV and Vijaya Dashami at Siddhaganj, Kurnool…


Aum Tat Sat!!!                                       Hreem!!!                                    Jai Gurudevaa!!!





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Vasanta Panchami 2019 – A blog post by Malleswari Kameswaran

Vasanta Panchami, as a day sings in the vibrations of knowledge. Every breeze brings the connection of cosmos to existence. Chanting of mantras from the aksharamala of Gnyana Pradaayini transports us to the comfort of her lap. This was exactly what was happening at Siddhaganj on 10th February. A strong wave of “Ayim” beejakshara soaked us all in the divinity of her awakening ocean. We just had to come out as pearls washed with her vibrations.

The uniqueness has no boundaries here. The stereotypes break and create a divine atmosphere with a path to travel further. While each of us were performing Kumkumarchana chanting Navavarana Panchadasi Gayatri and Saraswati ashtotram, Mrs. Jiji Joseph performed at the deity on all our behalf. She is a Christian to the society, but as practiced by Siddhaganj and strongly established by Guruji, there is no place for any religion here. It’s only faith that takes the precedence at Siddhaganj.  While that was one opening the jaws of conservatives and raising the eyebrows of religious beliefs,  Guruji came to the mandir for the first time after a recent heart ailment left untreated by the doctors. With an artery almost shattered, blood flow in the other artery finding its narrow path no doctor can agree to let a patient out at the age of 79. But, they had to just join their hands and let go when they saw Guruji. They just had left it a point saying it is beyond medical findings.

As Guruji walked towards us at the fag end of chanting the “Ayim” beejam was no less to an energy wave from cosmos. It slowly transformed into a Gyana pravahaam when the importance of “Ayim” beejam was shared by disciples recollecting the past years’ celebration. While that formed the beginning, Guruji transported us to the world of music with Navaraga played straight from his throat. Yes.. The throat which was struggling to utter a word till then played out the Nava raagaas so beautifully. That was the effect of Bhaava when linked to the Guru’s grace. It was clearly felt and seen on many occasions. As it progressed, Guruji reminded a powerful message and that is “Vaak translates to Karma and Karma leads to Janma”. This profound message while kept us thinking, the bhajans from Guruji roped the thread of our thoughts strong.

While this being only a part of the celebration, the other part which is the most touching one for everyone of us. There are 33 crore devatas we worship every day, but, what if 100 of them transpire right in front of us at the wink of our eyes. Yes. They appeared. The children from various slums right from the age of 6 to 16, who receive value education and support classes from the team – MSS Kurnool descended just as the replica of those devatas at the proceedings of the programme. The disciplined way they walked in and got seated with smiles blemishing further elated the vibrations of the premises. Saraswati puja was nothing but distributing the educational materials to these beautiful souls shaping up for a better tomorrow. The teacher volunteers who consider spending their sundays with these children as saadhana shared their feelings which literally brought tears in our eyes. The bonding that these teachers and students developed is a well knit fabric of affection and values.

As the programme was drawn to a close, it is a thread we got tied to this cosmos brought down to Siddhaganj by our Guruji. We only fall flat at the feet of that Jagatjanani to keep our threads roped tight always.

“Ayim Hreem Om”

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I am your servants’ servant – A blog post by D N Raju

One has no reason to feel proud when he / she is able to help another, for the skill or wealth or strength or courage or official position that gave the chance to serve was the gift of God, whether one recognize it or not. One is only offering this God’s gift to another God’s gift, namely the poor, the illiterate, the weak, the diseased, the grieving, the broken-hearted, who seek your help.

We have become so selfish that we do not care for others, or anything other than our own welfare . . One who constantly thinks of his own body, his own family, his own wealth and his own comfort is truly a selfish man. The only way to cleanse such a hard-hearted man is through service to humanity.

Guru is the embodiment of compassion. He watches for a grain of goodness or humility so that He can reward it with tons of grace. Deserve the grace of Guru by helping the weak and the poor, the diseased and the downtrodden.

The (mother) tortoise is on one bank of the river, and her young ones are on the other side. she gives neither milk, nor warmth to them. her mere glance gives them nutrition. the young ones do nothing, but remember (meditate upon) their mother. the tortoise glance is, to the young ones, a down-pour of nectar, the only source of sustenance and happiness. Similar is the relation, between the guru and disciples.  Unconditional Surrendrance & Faith is the only quality that is required in the  disciple.

This Guru, our Sadhguru, says  “ I’m a Beggar, have no house or wife or bank account, and though leaving off all cares, I have stayed at one place, the inevitable maya teases me often. though i forgot myself i cannot forget her. she always envelops me. this maya (illusive power) of the lord (shri hari) teases god brahma and others; then what to speak of a poor begger like me? those who take refuge in the lord will be freed from her clutches with his grace”


He taught a moral code of love, forgiveness, helping others, charity, contentment, inner peace, and devotion to God and guru. Greed and Brahma are exactly opposite”. One must rest content with one’s lot. Greedy person cannot live  peacefully.

Guru is the embodiment of compassion. He watches for a grain of goodness or humility so that He can reward it with tons of grace. Deserve the grace of Guru by helping the weak and the poor, the diseased and the downtrodden.

Guruji is showcasing all of us only one thing Wipe the Tears of Others before your own Tears. He has been trying to cleanse us by various means, by reciting Mantra, by doing Japa, by doing Bhajan, by shouting at us at times, over and above he is showing us the way practically that how one can attain the SELF by surrendering to the Guru, still we are unable to attain the SELF, the inner SELF the GURU, he is now pushing all of us for more easier thing than any meditation, shed the MASK, SERVE the NEEDY, still we are unable to taste this NECTAR, he is now showing that the the CAGE where he is binded is not cooperating, still the responsibility of serving to others is making this body work all through for others, for us.  He show casing  us that he is the servant for the servants, then what are we ? Irrespective of his physical stature he has been SERVING all of US and in return he is seeking only one thing from us, attain SELF, recognize it, experience it and merge with IT.

This day lets pledge that we shall ensure that each of us would make one person happy during the day,   by any means whether feeding them, or by helping them on as simple as making them cross the road, help them for medication, education, clothes or shelter. What ever the Guru has given us is for us to share with those who do not possess, lets SERVE the NEEDYm the easiest path of merging with inner GURU.




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The cosmic existence of Guruji – The silence in the words of Avadhoota Nadananda

picture 18

A creation by Navaneethji

Mauna, the silence to hear the voice within, the silence to keep the sounds of the world away, the silence to hear the unheard is a choice when the noise around is too much. The reasons are many and when it is chosen, I chose to gain the energy, to gain that energy to revive the connections with Guru Mandali with extreme ecstasy. It certainly needs some atmosphere around me, some energy beyond the one I move along. It is ofcourse again at the call of Guru Mandali.

picture 19

A creation by Navaneethji

The body as such if seen is suffering the suffering of the diseased around me, the mind though avoided, is tired with the stress of everyone around, the pains of everyone is on me beyond my physical capacities, the thoughts are thrown upon me to relieve my disciples of their worries. The cleaning process of all this junk, trash, spam in the terms of new age technology took 2 complete days for me to clear. It is like the brain, mind, rather intellect put in ‘factory setting’ and cleared all unwanted big files of stressful, painful journey of life.
The cleaning process of my inbox of consciousness is with a certain technique of Pranayamam.


On the third day of Mauna, few seconds of glimpse is captured by Manjula Nagaraj

It was on the 3rd day I could sit comfortably, with no thoughts, no actions, being neutral, being in Self, my own Nature, all alone, the body started revolting with unbearable back pain as it reminds me..

“What about me ? ”

But the pain was in it’s high peak, simply laid down morning hours with an auto suggestion

even before I could conclude, the consciousness loudly uttered,

A long lonely journey entered into a mindless state….intellect is not arguing. ..consciousness is crystal clear….

Early morning while woke up back pain appeared to have reduced. I could sit for regular Pranayama at 3 a.m. After few minutes, I noticed some irritation in lungs followed by vomiting of accumulated blood and phlegm started. It continued for an hour or so…. A horrible experience ! After sometime relaxed….an hour simply on Shavasana…. Body became very light…. Chest congestion cleared….easy , normal breathing started…
Relaxed….that relaxation took me to a brief nap.. Ofcourse, I was tired because of vomiting…. again slept…Had some rice with seasoned buttermilk…

On getting up, felt better…. Feeling of being in nothingness… Mind is not there…
Intellectual questions and answers vanished.
Back pain…it was there…as I was still in body consciousness.

It was a painful night. Lower back was paining very badly, and was unable to move a bit.
Due to malnutrition, as I was taking only rice and butter milk for last six months body was very weak. Unable to move from bed. Apart from body consciousness, mind and intellect was stet.
Thoughtless, calm, composed… I tried to be in that state.

With much difficulty had morning ablutions, sat on sofa chair,…tried to forget the pain.
Few minutes….a cool breeze in the room as if telling me to be composed…silence was around me…from very far somewhere… barking sounds of a dog…I was trying to be in me… forgetting external pains…one second… everything vanished…. No sounds…. as the entire cosmos is in silence…..
A violet light ….filled in the room…. around the chair…around me… everything disappeared…only light was there…in violet…lost my body consciousness…
A deep silence….in and around me…there was no time…no space…. the ‘ I ‘ … It only exist…….

violet light

The violet light visualised by Navaneethji and then created

Tried to get back to normalcy… The time was around 5 a.m. …. I knew about time… I knew about space…. Now the body is there…mind is there… Intellect is there… I know I am there….

So…..the pain is there…. I am in my sofa chair….

Ecstasy of silence was coming to an end……
Infact, I was not interested to come out of this blissful mood.
The incomparable Ananda of Nada….the cosmic sound of SOHAM.

But no way… vyavahara was waiting outside of my room…demanding my involvement…I can not escape from it….
Once again I convinced my mind..
“You are here not for yourself…but for others.
Come out of your selfish ecstasy…bliss..come out..
Deprived people are around you… depressed people are waiting for few words of solace.. come out….go…go there…do good for them”

…so, I was coming out… to take care…those deprived, depressed people around me.

I told myself

“In future…such selfish activities will never be from my side..”

Yes. It sounds strange to call the bliss as selfish. But it is true. There is a different perspective to look at it. Sitting in that ecstasy may keep you always in that mode. If you are fully merged in…. No way to come out.

You like sweet…you are eating without caring for others..
It is selfishness in another angle to look into…

guruji immediately after mauna vratam

Immediately on opening the doors after 5 days of Mauna

When I finally opened the doors that were closed for 5 days, did not want to encounter the world straight away and took the help of Agni deva through this homam.

True… That is all… Goodbye to bliss..
Goodbye to Ananda…


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Musings with Guru Avadhoota Nadananda – A blog post by Navaneethji

picture 3The advent of yet another Gurupurnima was round the clock. As usual when people from various parts of the country started thronging to siddhaganj in Kurnool for Guruji Avadhootha Nadananda’s blessings, I too arrived a day before, seeking his warm presence. Many a strange faces confronted there earlier, have become more intimate now. Reaching Guruji’s abode is similar to that of an NRI stepping into his own happy home with a great relief, after spending years abroad. Here its like a big family where in the care taker is Guruji himself. Though Guruji’s physique, as I had seen before, became so emaciated owing to the disease and the old age, the spiritual aura and the serene heart bubbling with a mother’s love have only trebled effulgently. There is no wonder. The body is only an attire. Realizing that divine soul inside the body gives us immense joy. Pranaam Guruji.



Generally I scribble up the ecstatic moments spent with Guruji, immediately after reaching home; but this time my mind said to describe it in a different way. It was nothing but the notes of the invaluable experiences I had had with Guruji all these years.


It is the human tendency to look at things with a prejudiced notion. Probably the acquired education, life experiences and culture one imparted so far might contribute for such a notion. But this would certainly end up as an idiosyncrasy. Two years ago, a man who had read Guruji’s auto biography expressed his desire to come with me to Ashram. He got details about me from Late Sri Raghu Ramji. Having spoken to him I realized that he has formed an immature understanding about Guruji. I persisted him why he wants to come, as I cannot take him there without Guruji’s permission. As the conversation prolonged I got a vivid picture of the person. He had a concocted idea of an Avadhutha, clad in a torn attire, a long beard, eyes sparking so intense; in short a lunatic form. Moreover, the research zeal he exhibited to compare other saints with the Avadhutha, he read from the Autubiography, urged me not to correct him. Because I fervently believe that spirituality can neither be taught nor can be imparted to someone; rather it must be experienced in course of time according to the action (karma) one performs. Hence, I concluded the chat soon.

picture 18
A year later, on a Gurupurnima day, amongst the many devotees hailed from Kerala, I noticed the same person there. During the short conversation, I understood that the man nurses the same moorings when I met him before. Besides, he is found to be vociferous in glorifying one of the disciples of Guruji who was anointed recently. When he asked my opinion about that disciple, I told him that many a great disciples I knew who were initiated at Siddhaganj. They are all serving the poor at the instruction of Guruji and at any measure, these disciples stand above the person you mentioned. After Guruji, I bow them next, I said.

Today spirituality has become a tool for many to get into limelight. Such saints are spread across failing to differentiate between the fair and the fake. Guruji and the like live amidst us gives a bit of relief. Just as our friend presumed, this Avadhutha also could have lived a life of solitude realizing the self. But What else could a Saint do than serving the poor and the downtrodden having destined by His Lordess Taramayi. One who doesn’t realize that Bhadrakali, Vagdevi and Dhanalakshmi are the same manifestations, will never understand.

One more year passed, this time on Guru Purnima, two more keralites came into acquaintance, who have understood the love and wisdom of Guruji very well. I felt so elated. During the conversation a new topic cropped up that Guruji has chosen his successor to the lineage and He only has the authority to guard the precious ‘Khappar’ that belongs to Guruparambara. They asked me if that was right. I just replied that achievements, recognition or approval is not important. One must deserve it. As long as Guruji is with us these questions are immaterial now.

Majority of humans are not contended with whatsoever they receive in life, let alone deriving joy while giving. That is to be understood only by experiencing. I have experienced it and still am enjoying it. An eccentric experience only brought me so close to Guruji. It was many years ago that I met Guruji during an early morning walk at Sringeri along with Pradipji, Preethji, Anandji and Murali. The whole area was surrounded by fog and biting cold. As we were walking through the parking lot, we noticed an aged person warming up near the fire. As Guruji approached him and chatted, he prostrated before him. The sight that Guruji removing his shawl and wrapping him up, still lingers in my mind. How can I forget that moment, Guruji walking with a stick in hand, wearing just a panja on that cold day, having given the shawl to the suffering man? It was not mere a charity but a lesson for ourselves, he has been practically teaching all these years.

I heard many people proclaiming that they would certainly help the humanity if they had enough money. It is a wrong notion. How much you possess or whatsoever you donate is not important. The question is ‘Are you willing to give something?’ It needless be money, food, dress or medicine. Even a soothing word to a bereaved heart will be sufficient to get that bliss to you. Each day at Siddhaganj passes by satisfying every needy persons’ required wishes.

Food distribution at Dist. Hospital, Railway station, Bus stand, the free medical camp, service to leprosy patients and the Sunday classes for the under privileged students etc are the beautiful lessons Guruji prepared for all of us. Seva is a responsisbility. It is not a means to feel proud of helping others .

There are many Asharams that serve the poor and deprived. But what makes siddhaganj stand apart? Usually such organizations will first organize the fund through donation and then use them for the destitutes where as at Siddhganj every devotees and saadhakas contribute their money and dedicate their time and labour for the poor. Here every one participates themselves at the direction of Guruji to make them realize what SEVA is. For the very reason, these lessons of Seva will always be cherished and implemented by devotees wherever they are, without the aid of an Ashram.
Realizing the Supreme Soul is spirituality. Each form in the world is the fragmented manifestations of that divinity. As we recognize this oneness in many, we also realize that the service for them we do is ultimately done to us. Then how can one take so pride in oneself about the Seva he does. Is it not our responsibility? This is the nectar of Message we receive at Siddhaganj.
Once again my humble salutation to Guruji who reminds us this truth each and every second. By Navneetji , Kannur


picture 19

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Guru Poornima 2018 with Avadhoota Nadananda – A blog post by Balasubramaniam Gollappally

This year’s Guru Poornima for me and many blessed ones present is perhaps the best Guru Poornima ever celebrated. Most of the lucky people were stuck to their seats in the Avopa Sadan, Kurnool from about 6 AM to 2 PM. The hall was jam-packed with disciples and devotees and not many were either aware or imagined about what is going to unfold so beautifully in the next few hours there. I didn’t, in fact, envisage such unforgettable, awe-inspiring and soul stirring proceedings. The guest devotees came from North, West and Southern parts of our country and from Philippines. The full credit goes to all those who toiled and sweated for days in planning and meticulous execution of the program. It was a great feast to the ears and eyes. Guruji’s stamp of class is visible in everything, to say the least. When he is in ecstasy, the disciples and devotees become more realised. In the midst of so many hard-working disciples, Guruji always look like a one man army. He is the best captain that any army would be proud to have. Here…. the disciples are proud of our Guruji.

As usual on this very auspicious Guru/Vyasa Poornima the celebrations here started with bringing of Gurupadukas and performing Guru Pada puja to swayam Guruji by an elderly couple chosen by Guruji. A special medical camp was conducted on the occasion which received good response. After the solemn puja, the MUSIC EXTRAVAGANZA started…….no…… echoed in the air-conditioned auditorium for the next few hours continually. Sri Gokulanji of Hyderabad, Sri Gurmeet Singh, the famous gazal singer from Indore, a batch of upcoming singers from Hyderabad and lastly, but not least, SMT. Saraswathi, retd music college lecturer, enthralled the audience beyond words and took the audience to the heights of divine joy with their numerous devotional song numbers and with multiple jugal bhandies. Guruji not only joined them in singing here and there, but also acted as music-conductor giving directions to sing particular songs with ragas and even remixing several devotional songs in a sort of novel jugalbhandies. As expected and to fit to the occasion there were many soul stirring songs connected to Guru, Gurutatwa, Gurupaath and Guru bhodh. Later Sri Gurmeet Singh released a CD album titled ‘Gokulanandam’ rendered by Sri Gokulanji in Malayalam and Sri Anand in Telugu. The volunteers of MSS(Manava Seva Samiti), Kurnool who have been doing yeoman service at Leprosy colony for over an year were introduced to the gathering and honoured. The poor students who are supported by Ashraya Trust and MSS and who secured very good grades in their SSC exams were also complimented. Shri Nandakumarji gave a brief speech and released the “Table top calendar” of daily quotations of Guruji for 365 days.

In-between the vocal numbers, there was a couple of Mohiniyattam dance bits by two mothers from Kerala which captivated the spectators as good as the gazals and Thyaraja Kriti, ” Yendaro Mahanubhavulu”. There was the signature dancing by Guruji holding the hands of nearby disciples. It always symbolises the Jadguru “Sri Krishna – Gopikas” tatwam of the pure eternal love between the God and renounced mortals. Ah! …then…..a film in Telugu and Malayalam on the life of our Guruji, Avadhoota Nadananda, titled, “The Stranger” is under production. The film unit along with the director of the film also graced the occasion and filmed certain bits of the Guru Poornima celebrations including the Guru Pada puja. I conclude this by saying that today’s program for all of us was simply


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Grace does need renewal : Guru Poornima 2018 – A blog post by Malleswari Kameswaran

taramayee ammaThe rays of Full moon while penetrate the warmth on Ashada Poornima does many wonders. Guru Poornima, the very uttering of this day fills the heart and soul with vibrations piercing directly from the Guru removing all the darkness and filling us with those rays of bright light. While meeting Guru in one’s life is the new beginning, getting initiated is a new birth again, Guru Poornima is renewing this relationship with Guru. Not sure if it is the disciple who goes to renew or Guru renews the initiated power, but here with GURUJI, it is like dragging everyone of us into his loving lap and renewing that relationship. Yes it is.

the stranger 1

Anywhere else in Ashrams, it is generally the disciples and devotees gather to make it a grand celebration for their Guru. Here it is the other way around. We all are invited over phones and messages. We are so much enveloped in the invitation that we forget it is Guruji who is calling us but an elderly person like father or grand father inviting us for a family function. In this maya, we even tend to avert to the invitation saying we are busy. We are not allowed to miss that divine opportunity. Our accommodation, food and all other specific requirements are specially taken care by Guruji right from who should be staying where to when to travel to how to travel. This is not all, the stage decoration, the musical fusion of Carnatic, Folk and Hindustani on one dais, the classical dance performance of Mohini attam, book release and CD release; the minute by minute schedule is designed and executed to the perfection.

The uniqueness of this year Paaduka stapana is that three women of influence who does the cleaning of bathrooms, washing the vessels, cleaning the premises of ashram are chosen to perform this divine task. It is a profound lesson to all of us to learn to celebrate the divinity in each woman unmindful of the caste, creed or religion. As they begin to bring paadukaas which are established by Guruji in the Ashram as a connection to Guru Mandali amidst the shankanaad of Varsha bhaabi in the shadow of Mohi Bhayya, the musical drums picked the rhythm of the time taking all of us to the divine ecstasy. Amidst all of this, Guruji was shining brighter than the Moon of the day. If to be explained, it is like Full moon rays are penetrating through Guruji and catching that divinity, the entire atmosphere is filled with divine brightness. It is divine worshipping Divinity when Guruji walked up to the dais and offered flowers on Paadukaas. That one moment is enough to see the connection of Guru Mandali through Guruji.


Deepa Prajwalana being the one important start of the programme, was done by Nandakumar ji, Preeti ji and Raghuramaiah uncle; the premises brimmed with a special glow. The veda chanting by our pandit Murali brought in the special vibrations to the occasion. Deepa mangala Jyoti namo namah !!!

When it was time for Pada Pooja, Guruji was seated on the Aasan, it was no more physical form of Guruji seated there but the entire Guru Mandali descended there for those few moments to receive our prayers. Sometimes, we see Guruji swaying in ecstasy and on some other times, piercing the graceful rays through eye contact and on some other times, the divine utter of words conveying profound messages. The Aasan had the background of eyes of Yogini specially designed by Guruji. The mantras being chanted by Manjulakka and the rest of the process being guided by Hari akka just through her eyes, was as if the Yoginis are doing this entire programme. We heard devatas descend down to offer puja to Avadhootas. The scene looked a replica of that. All in all, it was a divinity enveloped around us.

As this was going on, Guruji’s grace is not limited to the hall of devotees and disciples gathered to grab the blessings, it spreads wide around the suffering first. True to the principle of Guruji that Seva is Saadhana, team of doctors and volunteers ensured their steths as japa maala & medicines as Prasad to be distributed, started off the medical camp in the slums around. Miracles happened here. A Woman who came breathless is treated with just one pill, A child who was finding it difficult to fight the virus got well with one tonic, an old man not knowing the reason for his sickness returned with a sigh of relief. Guru Kripa hi Kevalam !!!

The musical treat of Carnatic and Hindustani fusion began with Guruji picking up the raga and thala. Singers were amused with the perfection of Guruji in both the variations of music. At that moment, they forgot that they are performing in a programme. It was like they are competing with the world renowned musician for some time and at another moment, they felt as if their own Guru who taught music came there to correct them and perfect them. For all of us, it is Maa Saraswati dwelled herself to celebrate herself. Once again, it is all a way beyond the physical boundaries of Guruji.. the ecstasy of music caught the strings of our hearts to the rhythm of divinity. It all went many levels beyond our physical planes when Gurumeetji picked up the gazal of Dhool Tere Charanonke Sadguru, equally on the other side Gokulanji picked up Saranam Saranam Gurudeva; Thodi door saath chalo was equally paired with Krishna nee begane baaro; when Gurumeetji concluded with Aaj jaane ki zid na karo, literally tears rolled from our eyes for which Gokulanji had to conclude with Mauname nee bhasha oo mooga manasa…… slowly slipped into Hari varasanam to conclude the session….  All of us gulped this nectar in the place of breakfast not wanting to slip the sweetness by any chance.

Forcefully Guruji shifted us to the world of dance through Mohiniyattam. The enchanting and mesmerizing movements swayed us along with the artists. The feet couldn’t but follow the direction of eyes of the artists and the artists following the eyes of the Guruji. Mrs. Pooja and Mrs. Priya are just the Mohinis mesmerising with their eyes. Guruji further extended it to the rhythm of Krishna through thy hands and eyes for which after a time, artists had to surrender with namaskaram saying its not possible beyond this to reach the expression of God.

The music nectar continued to flow from Gokulanji, Gurumeet ji and Raja team. Travelling beyond the boundaries, Guruji showered the flowers upon them as if the entire deva lokam has descended in thyself. It was also a waiting moment to see the “RAYS OF GRACE” which are the gems collected from Guruji’s satsangs as a daily message in calendar form. While Preetiji from Guru Light expressed her gratitude for this divine opportunity to print this calendar, Nandakumarji in his natural style conveyed how Gurus do various things the meaning of which will be understood much later. Few quotes were read out as a part of the release of the calendar published by Guru Light. As the music festivity continued, “Gokulanandam” CD was released by Gurumeetji which was sung by Gokulanji and Anand.

CD release

rays of grace 1As the programme was drawing to the conclusion, Guruji surprised everyone with an honour to the team who brought smiles in the lives of 40 patients who had no other option but to beg. Team MSS Kurnool took this leprosy colony seva as the highest Saadhana initiated by Guruji and for past one year, they have been committed to go on every evening with hot and nutritious meal, cleaning the wounds on every Tuesday as equivalent to the pada pooja of that Parameswara, conducting medical camp on every month first Wednesday to relieve them of their pains and conducting education support programmes for the children over here as well as at NTR nagar. The results are immense that only 4 out of 40 patients remain to be cured, 3 students from here scored 96 % in their 10th grade and doing wonderfully well in their present college studies. The honour to the students and the team that strived brought out the beaming smiles which was nothing but the reflection of living Guruji’s message in true spirit.



As a silent observer, one could feel the Naadaan (Child like innocence) and Ananda (bliss) swiftly touching the emotional nerves in us and at the same time Naadam (musical rhythm) and Ananda (bliss) playing the strings of our heart to ecstasy. Motherly love and fatherly authority were playing the hide and seek… Guru matha pitha….Guru Bandhu saka…


There was one more ray of maya playing around all of us. Guruji has been travelling around the places for the past so many years. Wherever Guruji stayed, the people around are wrapped in thy affection. Each of us feel Guruji is close to me than others and that is the speciality of every avatar looks like. This could be maya… but I personally feel this is a play of master too to ensure we are on required track for the spiritual progress.  Obviously, who can claim to own GURU ? No one can dare to…

Despite distances, not to miss this taste of spirituality, people across the globe joined the live web stream and live events through social media. It is the bhaava that matters…hence, it is not important whether we are present right in front of Guru or oceans away, the presence is felt.

It was time for everyone to tune to the Guruji’s message which was read out in English as well as Telugu. The message is clear and touching that each of us should do atleast one task to light up the smiles in the faces of those deprived and depressed. Guruji as a realised soul said it again “I am that” means no less that the one who is suffering is I am suffering and serving those suffering is serving God. Not just that, once again Guruji stressed upon the point that Seva is not a hobby task to carry out in leisure time but a commitment and a resolution to do with dedication. Give… Give… Give… Do …. Do… Do… is the message.


As a living example, the busy schedule of the day is not an excuse to take a break from food distribution to the suffering and starving. The food that is enjoyed by everyone of us is the food served at Government hospitals, Railway stations, foot paths across the flyovers and our leprosy colony inmates. The film crew of “The Stranger”, the movie in making on Guruji’s life were left with no option but to capture every moment of this in the cameras. In fact, we are thankful to Praveen Menon and team for the extended celebrations on the following day with their crew in shooting the ashram, bhajans, satsang and most importantly the Bhiksha Patra, which is the most precious to all of us.

As the day was wrapping up and each of us packing up, looked around for Guruji. Known to everyone that Guruji took up the lung cancer of a devotee upon thyself, coughs day in and day out, caught with wonder that it is almost 24 hours Guruji did not cough for a second. No wonder it is at the command of Guruji.


Swiftly touching thy feet to bless us with the spiritual progress, we signed off the day wishing to come back again and again to be in this divine vicinity. May the connections with Guruji get recharged and regain the strength through our Saadhana as the connecting wire…. Hreem Om… Guru Om


the stranger 2

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